Refine & Shine: Strategic Planning for Living while Black (LwB)

My first public offering is live!

Refine & Shine is a workshop for people moving about the world in a body socialized and understood as Black. I would like to share a tactic that has been successful in my life and for my mentees: A Strategic Plan for Living while Black!

A strategic plan, in the organizational sense, is a map of what one wants to do over a period of time, how they want to do it, and what sorts of barriers may hinder their progress and how to move forward. 

This workshop has a similar goal. As a Black person, what are your goals, how do you want to achieve them, what sorts of barriers may hinder that process, (systemic/structural racism, implicit bias, stereotype threat, microaggressions, emotional fatigue, etc,) and how to plan a way to move forward.

I hope to see you May 26th. Please share with your networks.

This event is sponsored by the Seattle University African-American Alumni Association, and the Seattle Womxn's March.

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