Epiphanies of Equity: Education and Consulting

ChrisTiana ObeySumner, MNPL

ChrisTiana ObeySumner, MNPL


My name is ChrisTiana ObeySumner, MNPL

I am a Social Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Educator, and Advocate


Epiphanies of Equity: Education and Consulting (EoE) provides diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) services to organizations and groups across all sectors. From formal consulting services like organizational scans and strategic planning, to trainings and caucusing, EoE provides a multifaceted approach of theory, storytelling, social/ narrative identity development, and practical applications for organizational change and transformative social impact. All services, including trainings, are customized to each client and the social equity needs of the organization or group through collaboration and assessment.

Areas of expertise include implicit/ unconscious bias, intersectionality, antiracism and racial justice, disability justice and inclusion, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, gender inclusion, allyship and cultural humility, power and priviledge, social impact and restorative justice, and more.

EoE is a Woman and Minority Owned Business (WMBE).

About Me:

I am CEO of Epiphanies of Equity: Education and Consulting and Founding Executive Director of The Eleanor Elizabeth Institute for Black Empowerment (EEIBE). For almost two decades, I have dedicated my life and career to amplifying the importance of social equity and justice. I provide training and education services, assessments and reports, social impact strategies and organizational change management. My philosophical approach combines a mix of: sociology, existential psychology, neuropsychology, and counseling concepts; Critical race theory and intersectionality, post-colonial studies, restorative justice, and cultural humility approaches.

My educational and professional background spans public administration, nonprofit leadership and management, organizational change management, social impact strategies, community counseling, and psychology.

In addition to consulting, I am available for keynotes, panels, guest lectures, speeches, and interviews. I have sat on panels for nearly three dozen organizations including The Housing Development Consortium, The Arc of King County, Peers Seattle, and Seattle Center. I have given guest lectures at the University of Washington, Seattle University, Lake Washington Tech, Bellevue College, and M.I.T. I have been interviewed and featured publications including the Seattle Times, Crosscut, Seattle Arts, Seattle Magazine, and Diverse City LLC’s online learning series. (Click here to see some featured content!)

Statement on Practice and Approach

My practice is built on a deep and intrinsic foundation of knowledge and wisdom both bestowed upon me from ancestors, elders, mentors on whose shoulder I stand, or at whose feet I was taught.

My approach is rooted in the lifelong cycle of learning, experiencing, growing, experimenting, reflecting, and persevering. I seek to live firmly in the crossroads of my intersectionality and all of the identities that comprise my social, cultural, and structural reality. I incorporate lived experience and narratives of being a queer, femme, disabled Black person, intertwined with community narratives that both tell the stories of our ancestors and forecast our pathways forward, to empower change initiatives that expand horizons of understanding across identity and intersections. This praxis is fueled through cultural humility, narrative identity development, mindfulness, and a critical mindset.

I would love to share these practices and more with you or your team, and join you for a brief moment of your social equity journey. Contact me today for quotes and more information!

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Photo Description: Group of people, some standing and some in wheelchairs, grabbing towards a large straw

Photo Description: Group of people, some standing and some in wheelchairs, grabbing towards a large straw

Beyond Consulting: Community Organizing and Civic Engagement

In addition to my consulting work, I am also co-chair of the Seattle Disabilities commission, and the Seattle Renter’s commission. I am founder of the Eleanor Elizabeth Institute for Black Empowerment, (Click here to learn more about EEIBE). I am the President of the Board for Level Up Washington, a labor rights and justice nonprofit, and serve as a member or lay-leader on the following boards: the King County Transit Mobility Council, The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, The Seattle University African American Alumni Association, and the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities Legislative Council.

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission statement is firmly entrenched in the history and modeling of persevering for social equity and liberation in my lineage and the communities that have created me. I believe the utmost practice of filial piety is a refusal and resistance to learned helplessness or becoming complacent with the modicum of freedom I’ve experience, (of which there is exponential room for justice and growth.) I will forever continue the work of asserting our right to live and thrive authentically in our culture and heritage. It is my passion, my calling, my duty, and my ancestral right to continue this work, affirm, uplift, and empower us all to unite unrelenting until the labor and dreams of those who have come before us has become a reality, and the sociocultural default.