My name is ChrisTiana ObeySumner, and I am a social equity consultant, educator, and advocate.

I joyfully approach change management and organizing by combining scholarship of historical social justice foundations; contemporary analysis of 21st century social consciousness; critical analysis and forecasting of social trends; and lived experience as an intersectional professional and academic. I believe our history will predict our future, and find it an invaluable tool to understand from where we've come, and where we are going. Through this theoretical framework, I seek to empower individuals and organizations through tactful narrative identity development, innovative equity evolution guidance, and transformative education and thought-leadership. 

For those who are still dipping their toes into the world of equity and antiracism work, I specialize in using elements of counseling and social psychology to help "well-intentioned" become "well-aware." Everyone has to start somewhere, and some get lost or confused along the way. Let me help you achieve your social equity goals with loving kindness, empathetic directness, gracious space.

I am available for multiple services rooted in social equity and its multifaceted nuances. I specialize in areas of disability/ADA, race/ethnicity/culture, and LGBTQIA+ justice, and their intersections.

 Please explore my portfolio, and reach out to connect. Thank you!